Yahweh Nissi Ministry

Welcome (Croeso in Welsh) to the Yahweh Nissi Flag & Banner ministry. We live in North Wales (UK) and are a husband and wife team. We made our first flag in June 2002 because I wanted a Jesus Lion of Judah (Rev 5:5) flag to worship with in church. I asked Pete to help me by him painting a lion’s head on the flag for me! He did and we have continued making flags and banners since then! Initally they were for me personally and for our home church, then it grew!

Our Pastor at the time said the Lord gave him the name Yahweh Nissi (Exodus 17:15) for what had become by then a ministry!  A few days later a lady from the USA emailed us with a Scripture (Isaiah 49:22) she believed was from the Lord for us. HE was getting our attention!

We thank the Lord for the giftings, skills and abilities that He has placed within us both to enable us to do this, and we give Him all the glory for the flags and banners we have made, which have gone to many nations in many languages over the years.

This website has come about  because our son Steve who lived abroad for 15yrs is now living in North Wales and built this site in 2013 as a gift for us. Since then we have had many folk ask us if they could buy or order any of the flags/banners that are on display on our website? With this in mind in Oct 2014 a contact enquiry link and payment facility have been added. You can contact me (Glenys) direct via the link at the bottom of the page with any questions that you may have re availability of flags, wall hanging banners and prices etc etc. The prices range from £25 – £65 depending on size, material and the work involved but use the contact form and I will do my best to answer your questions!

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